Mission Bonuses

Airstrikes, Bombardments & Bonuses

On some missions you’ll see icons at the bottom left of the display. These allow you to call in fighter-bombers, or bomber or artillery strikes. Note that there is delay between these strikes being called in and their arrival. Be sure to plan where the enemy will be when the strike lands, not where they are now. Fighter bombers are called in on a specific tile by selecting the fighter-bomber icon, then the target. Fighter bombers will attack the nearest enemy they find to the target tile, so you do not need to spot on. Bombers and artillery strikes hit an area around the target. Each type of bombardment varies in weight of fire and area of effect, right up to the devastating naval bombardment or B17 squadron. Be very careful how you use these awesome weapons! Finally, you have the medic, drill sergeant, ammo resupply and more. The medic heals up one wounded man in a squad and the drill sergeant upgrades a regular unit a veteran. All of these actions must recharge before they can be used again.

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