Controls and Hotkeys

Advanced Battle Controls

At the top right of the screen you'll see a button which can be selected to show some power-user options.

  • Cycle through all units.
  • Cycle through the units that have not yet moved.
  • Toggle the view between normal and overhead.
  • Show casualty list.
  • Show LOS and LOF tiles for the selected unit.


Keyboard shortcuts for PC and Mac.

Map Controls

  • W A S D - scroll map
  • Q E - rotate map
  • NumPad 2 4 6 8 - scroll map
  • NumPad 7 9 - rotate map

Other Keys

  • F1 - List of hotkeys
  • F2 – Takes a screenshot and dumps it to My Docs\My Games\BBCBA. (See user text info for options)
  • F3 - Debug current unit script
  • F4 - Debug AI script
  • F5 - Debug scenario script
  • F6 - Toggle script log window
  • Shift-F7 - shows some AI info
  • F7 - reveals all units and associated Team.
  • CTRL + F2 - Capture stream for video
  • CTRL + Left Click Unit - Open info panel for unit (click and hold and drag panel)
  • M – Toggles the overhead map view.
  • SHIFT+3 - Toggles ground level view.
  • TAB – Cycles through units which have not moved yet this turn.
  • ESC – Opens the menu. (save, easy button, sound options)
  • J – Toggles the mini map.
  • 1 – Shows the tiles the current unit can see and which ones it can shoot.
  • SHIFT – When using the bombard command this shows the spread area for the bombard attack.
  • Insert - Casualty list (also number pad 0)
  • Enter - End turn
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