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One important point to remember is to never (ever!) change files in the main installation directory. This can break the game, prevent updates from patching correctly, and will prevent you from playing multiplayer games. The game is designed so that you can over-ride almost any file by placing a new version into a local campaign (that is - any campaign in your My Documents\My Games\BBCBA\Campaigns directory [Note: My Documents is sometimes called Documents]).

It's also important to remember that you can change very nearly any part of the game. The more you want to change it, the more complex it is likely to be. But it is possible to build a mod that changes every aspect of the game - graphics, game model, unit abilities.

To begin tinkering, follow this Quickstart guide.

  1. Find a campaign directory (e.g. 3Bulge) from the Campaigns directory in the game install, and copy it into your local My Documents\My Games\BBCBA\Campaigns directory.
  2. Copy the DataSquads.CSV file into the root of your copy of the campaign directory (e.g. My Documents\My Games\BBCBA\Campaigns\3Bulge) .
  3. Copy the Data\Battle\Scripts directory into e.g. My Documents\My Games\BBCBA\Campaigns\3Bulge\Data\Battle\Scripts.
  4. Open the Text1.txt file in your campaign. Change the IDS_CAMPAIGN_NAME string so you can easily pick it out on the campaign list.

Start the game and you should see your new campaign, ready to go! You can now tweak and change these files without breaking or affecting your main game.

Getting Started and Top Tips

To begin working with your new files, check out the full engine documentation from the link below.

Engine Documentation

Modding Tips

Here are links to some of the top modding tips and guides from the community

Hot Tricks & Tips

How to Create Axis Missions
Illustrated Example Mission and Templates
AI and Victory Point Plugin Tutorials
AI Flag Description
Blender 3D Exporter
GMax 3D Exporter
Random Map Plugin
NOTE: This plugin needs to be installed into the main game PLUGINS folder. This will not affect anything as it is only used in the Editor.
How to add custom UI control in battle
Showing a UI popup in battle

Modding Forum

You're now ready to get your hands dirty! Just remember that if you end up with an explosion and pieces of Sherman everywhere, you can always find help in the Modding Forum…

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