Battle Academy includes a very comprehensive and easy to use multi-player system. To reach it, select Multiplayer from the main game menu. If you already have a Slitherine forum username or have previously played other multiplayer games on our server, choose the login option and enter your details. If you are new to Slitherine, register your username and password in game. You can use these details to log in to the Slitherine forum and view stats or chat to other players.

The revolutionary PBEM (Play by E-Mail) system does not require you to organise games in advance; you do not even need to be online at the same time as your opponent. It is as simple to play as a single player game, removing all the barriers to entry of other multiplayer games. It really needs to be tried to be believed! The system allows you to play against other gamers on PC, Mac or iPad. It even allows you to continue existing games from your PC or Mac while on the move on your iPad, without the need to copy any files or data. It is all automatic.

When you arrive in the Lobby, you’ll see 3 tabs. The first tab, “My Games”, lists any games you currently have going. The middle tab is how you issue a challenge to start a new game, while the third lets you view any challenges from other players looking to start a game. You can accept these to get playing.

Any games displaying a padlock icon are private challenges only available to specific opponents.

If you want to start your own challenge, select the “Issue Challenge” button and you’ll see a list of available scenarios. Select the one you wish to play then select your side.

Once you have an opponent, the game moves to “My Games“. If it is your turn you’ll be able to select the game and press Play. If not, you’ll have to wait for your opponent to take their turn.

When your opponent has moved you’ll be notified by e-mail. It is very important that you enter your real e-mail address when registering or you will not see the e-mail alerts when it is your turn.

Turn Notifier

You can download a tiny application for the PC that will sit in the system tray and notify you of any new turns available for Battle Academy, and indeed most other Slitherine and Matrix games using the PBEM++ system. Simply run the tool and it will sit in your system tray and periodocally check for any turns which are playable.

To have the tool run all the time, simply drop the EXE into the Startup folder on your Programs list.

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