Basic Tactics

Here are some useful hints and tips to get you started.

  • Infantry and support weapons can hide in cover and can only be spotted by enemy infantry on an adjacent tile. The scout unit can see enemies hiding in cover from two tiles away so are very useful when trying to discover the locations of enemy units.
  • Loading & unloading a unit on a transport takes half a turn.
  • Support weapons cannot shoot in the turn they unload and cannot load if they have previously fired.
  • Certain units have bombardment weapons which take multiple turns to reload – e.g. the Panzerwerfer and the Sherman Calliope.
  • Infantry that come under fire while moving will immediately halt so be careful you do not get caught in the open.
  • Certain units, such as the M16 AA Half track or the MkIV AA tank, have anti-aircraft capabilities. Place these near your units to give them protection from low level fighter bombers.
  • When an enemy unit fires from ambush, you won’t see the actual position of the unit. The Ambush text appears near the unit’s position but not necessarily on the exact tile.
  • In some missions, visibility can be reduced by a sandstorm or darkness. Use your infantry and open topped vehicles longer sighting ranges to spot enemy units before your tanks become vulnerable to ambush.
  • Make good use of combined arms. Your tanks are blind in towns and forests without infantry support.
  • Suppressing an enemy is almost as good as killing them. As long as you keep a unit under fire it will not recover its morale, so focus on unsuppressed units as they are more of a threat.
  • It is tougher to attack than defend. Remember to attack where you have the advantage and defend where you are outnumbered.
  • Infantry should not always defend at the front of a village. Sometimes it can be best to pull back to avoid long range enemy fire from tanks and support weapons and draw them into constricted areas where they are more vulnerable to short range ambush.

Ingame Tips List

This is a list of all the tips shown on the ingame loading screens.

  • “Tip: Most tanks have strong frontal armour, weaker side armour and are vulnerable from the rear.”
  • “Tip: Infantry and artillery can hide in buildings, forests and rough terrain. They can only be seen by adjacent infantry or if they shoot.”
  • “Tip: Keep your infantry and artillery hidden by telling them to hold fire.”
  • “Tip: Troops on top of hills cannot be seen by those below unless they fire”
  • “Tip: Troops hiding in cover take reduced damage and are harder to suppress”
  • “Tip: When a unit's morale drops below 50 it is suppressed and will not return fire.”
  • “Tip: When a unit's morale drops below zero it will retreat or surrender to adjacent enemy troops.”
  • “Tip: Mortars and artillery can bombard targets they cannot see.”
  • “Tip: Use your mortars and artillery to suppress enemy infantry.”
  • “Tip: Large artillery pieces such as rocket launchers may need to reload over a number of turns before they can bombard again.”
  • “Tip: As units fight they gain experience. Elite units can gain new skills.”
  • “Tip: While using a bombardment hold down the shift key to show the area of effect.”
  • “Tip: Play multiplayer against anyone in the world in any timezone using Slitherine’s revolutionary PBEM server. It’s so simple you have to try it to believe it!”
  • “Tip: Scouts can see hidden enemy units 2 tiles away. Protect these units as without them you are blind.”
  • “Tip: Units in heavy bunkers will not surrender, so must be assaulted to remove them.”
  • “Tip: Infantry can assault adjacent tanks with explosives and grenades, called AT charges.”
  • “Tip: The number of AT charges a unit has is shown by the sticks of dynamite on the unit bar”
  • “Tip: Airstrikes and artillery barrages must be targeted in advance. They are very powerful but inaccurate so be sure to keep your troops out of the area.”
  • “Tip: Flamethrowers are excellent at destroying fortifications, but have very short range.”
  • “Tip: Machineguns are excellent at suppressing infantry but have no defence against armoured units.”
  • “Tip: Bazookas, Piats and Panzershrecks fire explosive rounds, designed to take out enemy tanks at short range.”
  • “Tip: Always try to get flank and rear shots on enemy armour for best results”
  • “Tip: Units that are stationary or hunting are much more accurate than those moving fast.”
  • “Tip: Before some battles you may be able to deploy your troops. Position troops with good fields of fire and with good retreat paths.”
  • “Tip: Tanks can use their overrun attack against infantry in the open to devastate them, but risk being destroyed when they do.”
  • “Tip: Suppression fire can be used to target terrain you suspect holds enemy troops and with enough fire power will make them keep their heads down.”
  • “Tip: All units react to enemy units in the opponents turn. Take this into account when advancing on the enemy and when planning your defence.”
  • “Tip: Any shots not used in your turn are saved to be used in your opponents turn.”
  • “Tip: Remember to turn your tanks to face the enemy threat”
  • “Tip: Units are better at reacting to units ahead of them. Sneak up on enemy tanks by coming from their side or rear.”
  • “Tip: Infantry can move through wrecks but vehicles can’t. Wrecked vehicles can be bulldozed out the way to clear a path.”
  • “Tip: Use trucks and halftracks to transport infantry and artillery around. Artillery units cannot move without transport.”
  • “Tip: Keep Anti Aircraft guns (AA) nearby to protect from enemy airstrikes.”
  • “Tip: Light and Heavy fortifications reduce bombard damage by 50 and 75 % respectively. Heavy fortifications also makes it harder to become suppressed by adding a morale reduction by 50% and units in these will never surrender. That's on top of their cover bonus values.”
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